Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day Picture

Okay, I feel guilty scanning this picture in, but I paid full price for the ones I bought for Tim, Grandpa Call, and Grandpa Joe. It's my friend who owns the studio. I don't think she would mind. Am I totally driven by guilt? Uh, yes. Oh well. How cute is Julia's smile? Ahhh, the miracle of the head-swap. Were you wondering how I got a semi-okay picture of all five of them without Tim knowing about it (i.e. with just one adult encouraging, cajoling, bribing, okay, fully manipulating them to give me just one smile in unison...)? I'm not gonna' lie. It twarn't easy. :):)

We started this tradition of a Father's Day Picture when Wesley was just born. We have all of them from the past four years lined up on our wall. Maybe I'll catch a few moments tomorrow and pull them down, scan them in, and add them to this post. Now that's optimism for ya. :):)