Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm posting two days in a row. I think this is a blogging first for me. Of course, I still can't find the camera, so this might be a tad boring.

If I were just to write something for the sake of writing something, what would I write? What consumes most of my time, energy, and talent (or notice-able lack thereof)? PARENTING!! Truly, parenting consumes me. It is so intense sometimes. Don't get me wrong. I love these five, wily, spirited, independent souls that were sent down here to us, but they are five, wily, spirited, independent souls. Some days are better than others. Today? Not so good. Well, it wasn't so bad either. See, my days get chunked apart by the activity that consumes the most amount of energy for that particular time as follows: 1. morning routine, i.e. getting the older three out the door to school (again, I ask myself, How do people home-school?), 2. day-time activities, i.e. the fun stuff I get to do with the two youngers, 3. afternoon activities, i.e. retrieval of older three from bus, snack, homework, 4. dinner, and 5. bed-time routine. So today, #1 was not so bad, despite the fact that I let the three olders sleep in for about an extra half hour (I have a sleep thing with kids. I just canNOT wake up a sleeping child. It goes back to when they were infants and totally poor sleepers, blah, blah, blah...). Even with a half hour less to get all the activities done, we weren't late for the bus. #2 was fun. Julia took a 3 hour nap (Did I just complain about poor sleepers? Eeks.). We checked out the new SuperTarget. #3 was kind of crazy. I somehow ended up with THREE extra children for the afternoon. Crazy. #4 was pleasant. Daddy came home in time. Dinner was yummy. (You really wanna know? Chicken strips, summer squash, and left-over potatoes and carrots from yesterday's pot roast.). Now let's talk about #5. Sigh. Sigh, again. Where do I begin? Children 3 and 4 went to bed nicely around 7:30. Child #5 was tired, but when put to bed, she screamed for about 15 minutes. I got her back up, and she's now been playing quietly and contentedly by herself on my bedroom floor while I write this. Is it possible for a 10 month old to sense that she's on "borrowed time"? Funny. That would bring us to Child #1 and Child #2. Miles took nearly a full hour to clean the kitchen which left him inadequate time to finish all of his homework before his bed-time at 8:30. Lindsay. Ahhh, Lindsay. Could I even explain Lindsay in words if I tried? Let me just describe what she is doing right now. It is almost 10pm. She's trying to "sleep" out in the hallway, because she found out that Wesley has had a touch of GI stuff today. She has a full blown phobia of throwing up, so she won't go anywhere near Wesley now even though he only had lower GI stuff today. I'm tired. Julia is now hanging on my legs wanting me, so I'd better go.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I'm sure you are to. Hee, hee.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I have to say that I love the way four seasons gives a sort of predictable rhythm to life. I also love the way the four seasons lead into each other. Just when you're burnt out from the 'dog days of summer', a mild crispness tints the evenings and then slowly ebbs into the days. It's beautiful here in Colorado in the fall. This would be the perfect time to insert some gorgeous fall foliage pictures, but alas, I fail again. None taken yet. Also, Colorado's fall colors pale in comparison to Western New York's. Maybe I'll have my in-laws send me some photos of the spectacular fall they're enjoying out there.

So here are just the latest pictures on my camera, because this blog is, when all is said and done, really only a way for our much-missed families on either side of the continent to view pictures of our children as they grow.
Okay, so it turns out that the only pictures I could find were from Lindsay's camera. They are from a day we spent at The Denver Zoo this summer. The first one is seriously awesome. Lindsay took it herself. The peacock was just totally showing off. The second one is of Wesley. It shows perfectly the state his hair was in before our trip to see Grandpa Joe the barber in Buffalo. His hair is like his Uncle Matt's. It doesn't get longer. It just gets bigger. Although, now that I think about it, I think Matt's hair gets longer nowadays. Hmmm. Maybe Wesley's hair will calm down someday, too.