Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NY 2010

It was a long flight out there with a three hour lay over in the Atlanta airport.  Wesley sacked out while we were walking the leisurely mile from one gate to the next.  
Julia finally fell asleep on the last part of our flight from Atlanta to Buffalo.
Doughnuts from this delicious bakery in Arcade.
Gotta get the haircut from Grandpa Joe.
Even Miles, who for some reason hates getting his haircut, will smile during a haircut when Grandpa Joe's the barber.
Julia and Lindsay having fun playing in the "crick" behind Grandpa's shop.
I know it's sad to take a picture of a crying baby, but I just had to get a picture of him before church in this cute outfit that used to be his Daddy's.
Uncle Kevin manning the grill with Grandpa's supervision.
Samuel and Calvin
Lovely Lynette
down by the lake
I did not even know someone did this to him, until I was looking through the pictures after we got home.  It was most likely on Michael Jackson.  I hope it wasn't too loud.  Eeks.
My two thumb suckers.  The one on the right is supposed to be a reformed thumb sucker....sigh.
Having fun on the lake
Aunt Sandi with Julia on the boat
Watching the action
How I spent most of our "vacations" this summer: on the sidelines snuggling an adorable baby
more fun in the lake: Shaylyn, Lindsay, Julia, Tristen
How much more classic summertime can you get: fishing with Grandpa
Our friend, Raymond, hadn't been swimming in decades.  Here he is attempting the tubes with Samuel.
More tubers.  This picture cracks me up, because you can see the two cousins with the way curly hair: Lindsay and Nathan.  Where did they get such curls?
The on-lookers on the boat: Shaylyn (totally sacked out), Julia, Tristen
The reason we all gathered
The Happy Couple  I'm so grateful to them for setting such a good example of love and respect for fifty years of marriage.
on some waterslides:  Julia, Miles, Samuel
on the slide at Arcade Park
Even with all the fun things we do, the kids always insist we go to the Arcade Park.  It warms my heart a little.  It is, after all, the park their Daddy grew up playing in.
Beautiful sunset out the plane window on the flight home
Wesley passed out in the stroller again.  This time on the way home.

California 2010

swimming: Samuel, Miles, Calvin
On a Redwood tree in Big Basin
Calvin relaxing with Daddy
Eating S'mores by the pool
Grandpa's Tree House (in the making)

Now when most people say tree house, you think of a small structure in a tree.  But when Grandpa Call says tree house, he literally means a tree in a house: 4 stories, balcony, loft.  The kids were thrilled to be able to sleep in it the last night we were there.  Grandma wasn't so thrilled to be kept awake until 1am with shrills of laughter.  The tree house is right outside their bedroom window.
My surfer brother, Don, with his boys, Dalton and Hudson (or as Uncle Chris nicknamed them: D-Town and HudBud)
Collecting sand crabs at the beach
Grandpa at the beach
Wesley having fun at the beach
We always go to the tide pools at Natural Bridges when we go to Santa Cruz.  We went to Manreesa later, so my brother could surf.
The cousins lined up at a ride at the Boardwalk.
being silly on the kiddie coaster
Marnie and Mikaela lookin' good
Calvin enjoying the Boardwalk.  You can see the $1 soda.  That's why we always go: the $1 rides, hot dogs, and sodas.  Grandpa Call canNOT resist a good deal.
Wesley being brave with Mommy on the big swings.  I'm suppressing my fear as well as possible, so as not to scare the little one.  All I can think about on those swings is:  "PING!"...
Julia with her Aunt Marnie
Conner and Miles on the swings
Calvin with the cute blankie that Aunt Larissa and the cousins gave him.
Lindsay and Julia
We started a new tradition for saying "good-bye".  All the cousins line up for a farewell hug line.  Then, as they drive off we all run across the front lawn yelling "good-bye".  It's actually rather sweet.
My harmless husband.  Does he realize that he just took out one of the cousins?  Look how much fun he's having.
Julia with Aunt Natalie
Moab.  She's as beautiful as her Mama, Marnie.
Dirt bike rides with Uncle Dan.  Go, Samuel!
The girl cousins who made it: Lindsay, Mikaela, Emma, and Julia
Julia's smile was literally from ear to ear.  She's our little thrill seeker.
Does anyone else sense a Christmas card picture here?
Sadly, I have no group picture from the Sunday of his blessing.  But here he is in his cute little blessing outfit.
Catherine and Natalie
Lindsay's 12th Birthday Bash 
Canoeing up at Stevens Creek Reservoir.  It was all fun and games until they realized they were swimming in a bay that had a dead deer in it.  Don't ask.
Flag Raising Ceremony on Grandpa's front porch
Street Slides in San Francisco
swimming in the spa
Some of the beautiful California sights