Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day 2011 Preview

So here's this year's edition of our Father's Day Photo.  What do you get the man who already has everything (and wouldn't want you to spend money on anything even if he actually did need something)?  A picture of his adorable kids.  I used some advice on how to edit pictures from this blog.  You have to look back into her May posts to find the Q & A that talks about photography, but it's worth the look.  She is amazing at photography and so willing to share her tips.  I downloaded the free 30-day trial of Lightroom.  We're thinking about getting some form of Photoshop, too.  We'll see.

We came home from a Puppet Show at the Library tonight to find almost ping pong ball sized hail all over our yard.  We all immediately ran to the backyard to see how our garden had fared.  Amazingly, our baby tomato plants were all still intact.  I'm seriously feeling like that was no small miracle.  All the kids were thinking it was amazing, too.  Lindsay said something like, "Yah, if it can survive us, it can survive any hailstorm."  Then, Samuel added, "Yah, a couple weeks ago Julia was just digging in the garden."  Nice.  I guess we have protection from hailstorms and 3 year old naughty-pants.  Is there much difference between those two?

And.....there's a one year old in the house...

Yah, I know, I know.  They all look exactly the same.  I guess when you've got a good thing going, why change it, right?