Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some thoughts...

So, we still have no main home computer (#74 on the list of 257 things to do: get a new computer).  So, I still have no really organized way of saving and keeping track of pictures.  Okay, so I didn't really even have on before, too, but at least, they were all saved on the same computer.  Now, we have pictures on 3 different cameras (the one Grandma Helen gave us as a graduation from dental school gift in 2004, the one we bought in 2008 when we thought we had lost the one from G-ma at the zoo, and then Tim's really nice one for work.  Lindsay ended up finding the one from G-ma Helen under the seat in Dad's car...sigh.)  We have some pictures saved on this lap top, some pictures saved on the nice camera's cartridge, some pictures saved on the computers at work. I get panicky even thinking about it.  Sheesh, just last week at my Mom's house, I found some adorable pictures of a trip we took to San Diego to visit my brother the summer of 2004 that I didn't even know existed.  I mean priceless pictures of my Samuel when he was about 18 months old.  Such a delicious age!  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Don't panic.  Then, to top it off I just saw this blog whose 6th baby is about the same age as Calvin, and they had the most insanely beautiful pictures of their baby girl (who just happened to be named Caroline!).  I just about started to cry.  I don't think I even have a single picture of Calvin from about 2 weeks old to 4 weeks old.  sniff, sniff.

But this all leads me to my latest idea/effort.  I have been really trying, lately, to just be "in the moment".  I know. It's not an earth-shatteringly new idea, but it's something I'm trying to focus on.  Like tonight.  I had to go out and run an errand before our next trip this weekend.  On the way home, I picked us up some chips and queso sauce at Chili's.  It's sort of our little thing.  Back in the basement apartment, newly wed days, Chili's take out was our big indulgence every few months.  So, we sat outside on our front porch and just enjoyed our little treat and the summer evening and the quiet house together.  Then, we heard Calvin start to squawk.  I went up and got him, and he fell immediately back to sleep in my arms, just nuzzled perfectly under my chin.  I was in heaven: a hot, little body snuggling on me.  It doesn't get much better.  I had Tim take a picture even though I'm sure my double chin is visible, and my hair is a mess.  I just wanted to remember that almost intoxicating moment.

Well, he's squawking again, and this time, I think he'll want to be fed.  Let me see if I can find that camera where Tim took the picture.  Ignore the double chin, and try to enjoy the moment with me.

Oh yeah, I need that special doo-hicky thing to insert my card into this lap top.  Well, no need to ignore the double chin.  I'll try to download it tomorrow.

I'm off to enjoy my two month old.  Yes, he is two months old today.