Sunday, December 30, 2007

Remember this December?

Catherine, baby Matthew, Daniel, Caroline, Dad or Don, Jr., Douglas, Christopher, David (how could you not recognize that dark skin?)

Okay. My siblings (and there are a lot of them: 6 brothers and 1 sister) will definitely remember this. It was one of our favorite Christmas traditions. When we woke up on Christmas morning, we'd all dive into Mom and Dad's bed and wait for everyone else. In this picture, I count 8 of us, but I can't tell if it's Dad in the middle with us (and we're all impatiently waiting for big brother#1, Don) or if that's actually Don in there with us, and we've just plain kicked out Mom and Dad. Either way, it's a priceless photo with fond memories attached. Mom, don't be too mad that I absconded it. I'll give it back soon. Promise. :):)
Merry Christmas, everyone. I miss you all.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just Julia

Here is a whole post dedicated just to Julia. When she was born, I wasn't up and going on the blog scene. Now that I'm back in the saddle, so to speak, I'll go back and fill you in on her arrival to our family.

She was born on November 16, 2007 at 3:03pm. Labor and delivery could not have gone better. It seemed like I had been contracting for a month, but finally Thurs. night to Fri. early morning, they got real. I finally called the on-call nurse at about 4am. She thought that since it was my 5th time around, I should just plan on going to the hospital by 9am or as soon as the contractions got as close as 5-8 minutes. They had been about 10 min. apart throughout the night, so I was just waiting. Then, when the kids got up around 7am for school, etc. , the contractions stopped. Weird. We did the morning routine, called my friend who had offered to come stay with Samuel and Wesley, and got ready for the hospital - all with no contractions.

My friend got here, and we headed for the doctor. I was prepping myself for the inevitable, "Well, nothing is happening, sweetie, so just head home and wait." But, when she checked, I was dilated to a SIX!!! Yeah!! My ticket to the hospital. Everything was still totally calm as far as contractions, so we took our time to get over to the hospital. There was one pretty strong one with some pressure that convinced me we didn't have time to go home for my wallet (Yes, Mom, I forgot my wallet. I know. I know. I should get a purse...:)). We headed straight to the hospital.

We got checked in. They got the IV going. The anaesthesiologist set me up (and I mean set me up...I felt nothing. Ahhhh.), and Tim and I basically relaxed and napped the rest of the morning. It was so calm. They started some pytocin and broke my water. Things kept on going calmly. Finally, the nurse came in and said that from the baby's heart rate monitor, she could tell that she was ready to make her appearance. They checked me, and I was at a 10! She said, "Well, why don't we wait until she lowers down a little more. Maybe 10 more minutes." I was like, sure. (This whole scenario is unthinkable when you're laboring without that epidural. It's funny the difference. Both ways are awesome, but I'll leave that discussion for another post...) Anyway, I ended up pushing for about 10 minutes, maybe three times. It was all so calm. I asked Tim is he wanted to "catch" her. He was like, "No, that's okay." I looked at the nurse/midwife. Then, I had to idea that I should just catch her. She said that would be fine. It was awesome. I just reached down and caught her. She was so beautiful.

Anway, that was all probably way too much information. But you could have stopped reading whenever you wanted. Hee, hee.

Here are some of her first pictures:

One last picture with a very pregnant Mommy.

Really enjoying the epidural. Ahhhh...

The second picture of her. The first picture was a little too graphic.

I'm all cleaned up, but I'm still mad. Where did my Mommy go?

Friday, December 28, 2007

December to Remember

I think I've finally figured out how to make my blog look normal again (i.e. the title isn't floating at the very bottom left. It's at the top again like a normal blog...) Don't ask me how, but I did it. Phew! Now I can post blogs without being so ashamed of my lack of ability to blog.

We had a mellow Christmas. Just the seven of us!! That sounds funny. Do I actually have 5 kids?

Here's the Christmas Eve Pajama Picture:

Here's a hilarious video of the kids and Tim sledding on Christmas Eve:

There was a fun hill just down the street from us. It was only in the 40's that day, so rather than go off and run all the last minute errands I had, I decided to go and join them on the sledding hill...with JULIA!! I wrapped her in about 4 layers and headed off. She fell right ot sleep. When I got there, I just put her in the bike trailer all snuggled up. She looked so cute. Pretty fun.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Springtime in the Rockies

My feeble attempts to blog continue. I love seeing other people's pictures so much, so I figure it's only fair that I try to post some of my own. Here's a picture up in Rocky Mountain National Park on Sprague Lake with a view of the Continental Divide behind us.

All the kids were ready for Church one morning. They looked so adorable I decided to take a picture. Lindsay had just picked that flower from the yard.

Jumping rope with Grandma Helen and Grandpa Joe
There's this sculpture garden in the town just south of us, Loveland. Here are all my Native American beauties together around a cool sculpture.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm back..

Hudson, Miles, Mikaela, and Lindsay on the slopes. Hot doggers!Samuel and Dalton, cute as can be four year old skiers!!

I do not understand my little blog here. Anyone who knows about blogs can feel free to try to help me out here. What is the deal with the weird title? I even went in and "edited" the blog out that said the weird title. I just basically erased it, but now it just puts up the next posting's title. Weird.

Well, I don't have a lot of time to add pictures, but I'll try really quick.

Last week for spring break we went to UT to ski. You ask, "Why would you drive all the way to UT to ski when you have great skiing in your own lovely state of CO?" Well, the answer is simple: COUSINS!!!! We met up with Don and Larissa's kids, and the kids all had an absolute blast skiing together for a couple of days. They also had tons of fun at Uncle Stewart's house.

Well, here are some pictures. This is my first time attempting pictures on this new BETA format, whatever that means, anyway...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some more pictures

I know it's so sad when you go to look at someone's blog, and there's nothing new there (hint, hint, Catherine and Larissa...Leslie, you're off the hook because of technical difficulties). So, I thought I'd just write a little something and send a few pictures. Tim's out of town this week in Vegas, so I'm bored.

Here's a picture of when we went ice-skating with Grandpa Call in Old Town Fort Collins. It was fun. Mom mentioned in her letter that Dad fell. It was funny, because we were skating around. I mentioned to Dad, "Dad, I remember you as being a better skater." He started to laugh and said, "I remember me as a better skater, too!" It was cute. The kids did well. It was freezing out.

Lindsay, Miles, Grandpa Call, Samuel, and Caroline

This was last week when we had the missionaries over for dinner and Family Home Evening. It was so cute. Wesley just climbed up there and sat between the two missionaries. We had to get a picture. Also, it's special, because the day he was born a member of our Stake Presidency was there (Roger McConkie, Bruce R.'s nephew, not that it's important, really...). He got up and bore his testimony that he had a strong feeling that this baby boy would one day grow up to be a great missionary. Too cute to see him already being drawn to them. :):)

Wesley with Elder Celestino and Elder Merrill

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Well I've just used up about 30 minutes of my precious nap time to try to figure out how to get rid of "Some more October Fun" on the top of my blog. Also, I don't know why my index is all the way down at the bottom. I guess I'm trying to get too fancy with adding pictures and videos and stuff.

We had a great Christmas. Uncle Dan came for a short visit before, and Grandma and Grandpa Call visited for the week after. It was really fun.

The kids had a full two weeks off of school plus two snow days before the break and an extra day off on January 8th. It was a loooong break. We are all excited to be back on the routine of school, etc. (even if they don't know it yet...)

I'll try to attempt a few pictures.

Uncle Dan and Miles being pulled behind the van in tubes. The roads still look this bad almost a full month later. I don't think they know how to plow out here. Oh well.

The kids opening up Uncle Dan's present: a remote controlled airplane.

Christmas Eve with everyone in their Christmas PJs.

Christmas morning

Kidnapping Samuel for breakfast on his birthday, the 26th, with Grandma and Grandpa Call. We had so much fun.