Monday, December 07, 2009

Here's Hoping for a Snow Day

So, my kids have this funny superstition thing that if they sleep with their pajamas on backwards and inside out, then it will be a snow day the next morning. No school!! I don't even know how it all began, but they're convinced it works.
Also, notice the duct tape securing Julia's diaper. Yeah, I was welcomed by one too many crib-fuls of you-know-what. Tim suggested the duct tape. It's worked so far. Bless her little heart.

Lindsay's sleeping with the phone, so she can be the one to answer it when the automated school district phone call comes telling us that school's been cancelled. I just watched the news, and I don't think that there'll be one tomorrow. Just in case, I got another canister of hot chocolate at Sam's Club this afternoon, so I'm prepared if the weather guy's wrong.