Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wesley's First Day of School

Wesley is in Pre-K this year at the Harmony Preschool. It's fun school where he can go FOUR afternoons a week. I've never had my 4 y.o. go to 4 days of pre-school, but I thought he'd enjoy it. His teacher is super nice, and he seems to be enjoying it. I am also loving that I get a few hours a day in the house when it's quiet, because Julia naps while he's a school. It's been great all around.

Here he is on his first day of school. Again, we only had Daddy's fancy camera with the macro lens. Sheesh.
Mommy and Wesley outside Harmony Preschool
Wesley outside school
Wesley at the door to his classroom with Julia not standing still for a picture behind him

Wesley said, "Mom, if I do one nice one, then can I do a silly one?"

Yes, of course, son.

A Family Tradition Continues

It felt like every single Saturday night we'd take a bath, get in our jammies, and head downstairs to get our fingernails and toenails clipped while we watched "The Lawrence Welk Show". Seriously. If tradtions are something that families do to increase a sense of belonging and well-being then this one surely served its purpose. I think my brother Chris was the most fond of the show, but we all enjoyed it, I'm sure.

Well, the other Saturday night when Tim was still out of town, wouldn't you know it? "The Lawrence Welk Show" was on PBS. It was great. I was telling the kids how I used to always watch it growing up. Then, I was laughing with them about the guys' bright red suits. Lindsay realized that they matched almost exactly to the red suit coat she had "inherited" from Great-Grandma Shirley's closet this summer. She had to run upstairs and put it on. Thus began a great Dress Up Dance Off. I was so glad I had my camera.
Lindsay and Wesley (both sporting numbers from Great-Grandma's closet)
Samuel looking good in a dress from Great-Grandma and the wig and hat from our dressup box (the modeling pose and suave look are all his own)
Wesley busting a move
Yep, we let Wesley's hair "grow out". It would probably look similar to this without frequent cuts.
Miles doing a pretty good "Elvis". Thank you, thank you very much...
Julia had to be part of the action.

Tim took my dinky camera with him to Guatemala, so I had his fancy one from the office. Unfortunately, it had on the really fancy "macro" lens, I think. So I could only get close-ups of everyone. Oh well...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

He's Back

And we're all so happy he's home safe and sound. He had a great time: driving up riverbeds in the back of Toyota pick-ups, pulling teeth by head-lamp light, and just all around experiencing another culture. It's always such a good reminder of the blessings we enjoy here in our country and of the fact that we are all God's children and do share somewhat of a responsibility for each other.

Here are some pictures:

the lush country side of Guatemala

the crew after a trip in the Toyota. Love the wind-blown hair, babe

such a beautiful little girl and she doesn't even look that traumatized

Aren't these children beautiful? The moms would always make sure that their kids got treated first, and then, if there was still time at the end, they'd let themselves get treated.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

6 Down and 3 To Go!!

At the last minute, Tim decided to join some dentists in our area and head down to Guatemala on a humanitarian trip for 10 days. 10 bed-time routines on my own. I have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised by my ability to remain mainly in control (of myself, that is. I'd never pretend to have "control" over my children...). I guess I should admit that I am sort of a "rise-to-the-occasion" kind of gal. Seriously, I do better when I know there is no possibility of a "bail-out" than when I know Tim will be home any minute but he's somehow taken 4 minutes longer than he said he would. Do you know what I mean? Sigh.

On top of the 10 nights alone, I even survived a holiday on my own. It ended up being very fun. We went to the pool at my gym and enjoyed swimming and hamburgers. We survived Sunday with the help of some friends being brave enough to invite us over for dinner. The weekdays aren't so bad at all. We just have our normal daily routine. It just gets lonely at night, and I miss my Tim. A two minute phone call every night or so just doesn't cut it. Now we just have Saturday and Sunday, then he's home.

Does this sound negative? Are you all wondering "why can't she handle her life/kids better"? I wonder that sometimes, too. What is my problem? Part of it boils down to the temperament of my children. As our Bishop likes to say, "You were not denied the blessing of active children." Also, I struggle with modeling calm, temperate behavior in stressful situations. This has led to my children also having a hard time remaining calm in stressful situations. Stressful situations come up a lot in a house with 5 active children. I'm working on this. I also have the honesty gene deeply embedded in my genetic code. So much so, that, if anything, I ere on the side of being too honest, and in that effort to be honest, I think I say or admit to things that come across negative. Who knows. Either way, I'm proud of myself for my good behavior in my husband's absence, and I'm so excited for him and the adventure he's having.

I also must record here that I do deeply love my five little people. They have been so instrumental in the development of who I am and who I want to become. Parenting, while relentless, is also the best way to learn and grow and change and improve that I know of. It's funny to look back 11 years and 2 months ago at the mother I was and see how I've changed. It's been such a journey. So worth it in every way. I'm so grateful to my children and the way each of their individual personalities and spirits have contributed to the mother I'm striving to become.

Thank you to the friends and my sister that I've called and talked to almost every night during my lonely times. Keep me in your positive thoughts until Sunday.