Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guess Who?

So, everybody says that our kids are exact copies of each other. Can you tell who is who in these pictures? Grandma Helen gave this sweet, pale blue dress to Lindsay. I saved it, and now Julia fits into it. Well, if you've read this far, I'll just tell you. I'm sure you've guessed already. The one on the left is Julia, and the one on the right is Lindsay. They do look pretty similar, but I don't think they look exactly alike. It seems like Julia's face is a little more round than Lindsay's. Also, though you can't tell from this picture, Julia has blue eyes like me, and Lindsay has dark, brown eyes like her Daddy. They also differ in their personalities. Let's just say that so far Julia seems to be a bit more mild than her older sister. ;)

We'll have to pull this dress out again when Julia is 9 months old. We can put her in the exact same pose. That way it will be a more accurate comparison. That will be fun.

Funny story. The pictures I took of Julia today didn't really turn out that well. One of them was super fuzzy. Another one had the bookshelf in the background in focus. It's getting late, and I'm tired, frustrated, and disappointed. Tim says, "Hon, don't worry about it. We can just dress her up in the dress another day." I reply, "No, I can't do that. She has too many dresses. I don't have enough Sundays to dress her up in all of her dresses if I double up on one of them." Hee, hee.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So, I haven't posted in a while (how many of my posts will start with that...). I'm just looking on my camera to see any pictures that would be of interest.

Wesley had his third birthday. We had a fun day. We just had a family from our ward over for some cake and ice cream. I think he had fun. His face says it all, right?

Miles had his 8th birthday. It was on a Sunday, so to make it extra special I made him breakfast in bed. He loved it.

We also had a birthday party for him this past weekend. We had a Backyard Carnival theme. It was fun. We invited his whole class. Some of the girls were brave enough to come to a boy's birthday party. We had tons of games and candy and fun. Well, I just checked my pictures, and there are no good ones of his party. Oh well.

The fourth graders at school participate in this program called "The Invention Convention". It's been really cool. Lindsay has had to go through this big process of what it is to invent something. She's gotten really interested in Leonardo da Vinci complete with a phone call home from her teacher. He called to apologize that Lindsay had read ahead in a new book about da Vinci and had apparently happened upon the chapter that talks about some people accusing da Vinci of being homosexual. Poor Mr. Shoemaker. I'm sure he was nervous to have to tell me. Little does he know that we've basically had every conversation possible with Lindsay. She's like obsessive-compulsive curious, and I've always felt like I should just be calm and honestly answer any of her questions. It's taken us to some pretty crazy places, but I digress. Back to the "Invention Convention". Lindsay's idea is a Carsickness Preventor. Here's the picture.

The idea is that if the person doesn't sense from peripheral vision all the stuff going by really fast, then they won't get car sick. She's so funny. So you put these glasses on, and then you don't have any peripheral vision. There are a few canyons around here with really winding roads. Maybe we'll try it out this weekend.

And, of course, I need a picture of Julia:

This is the closest I've come to capturing this certain smile of hers that just literally takes over her whole face. See how it squeezes her little eyes shut tight. It just melts your heart to see it in person. She's so sweet.

And another one just for good measure.

And I can't leave out Samuel:

He was eating a smoothie with his breakfast burrito. You know how it can get stuck at the bottom of the cup. Well, he tipped it way up to get it to come down, and then it all came down and plopped on his sweet face. Such a cute kid.