Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're Still Here...

Here are a few pictures from our last few months' happenings:

On Christmas Eve, our neighbors invited us over to an open-house. It was so nice. They live a very short way away, and it just felt silly to pile everyone into the car to drive there. But it was seriously like 3 degrees outside. We bundled up Wesley and Julia and took them there Russian style. Seriously, you always see moms pulling around their kids in sleds, etc. all bundled up in winter. It was a really fun evening. We are blessed to associate with wonderful people in all areas of our life: neighborhood, school, church, work.

We were all very tired and sugar-ed out after the Open House, but I just couldn't live through a Christmas Eve without our traditional live nativity. Here we are at the end. Julia couldn't get enough of the Baby Jesus. In fact, most babies are still referred to as Baby Jesus even now in February. One of my favorite moments from Christmas was when it was the shepherd's (Wesley's) turn to hear the angel (Lindsay). We all look over at Wesley, and he's just totally kicking back with a drink of water in one hand and his legs crossed. It was just the funniest thing. He's such a funny little guy.

Christmas jammies.

This was my other favorite moment of Christmas. Julia was the last one up, so we all thought it'd be fun to sneak quietly into her room and show her the stocking that was waiting in her crib, thinking that she was still soundly asleep in there. We all sneaked in, only to discover that she was in there amidst all of her "loot" trading off between sucking her thumb and some candy. She was just all set to stay there all morning. She had her candy. It was just such a funny moment for all of us. She's such a sweetie.

The view of the Christmas tree from upstairs. I always think about how my Dad says that he remembers the "smell" of Christmas. He and his siblings would go and sit out on the landing of their Appleton house and just wait and soak in the smell. Such a cute image.

We had a fun "active" birthday party for Samuel's 7th birthday on the 26th. I think he had a lot of fun. Here are all the attendees.

Then, for New Year's we went out to Utah. My sis, Cath, just moved to Provo, so we made her house our headquarters, even though she had just moved in a couple of weeks ago and was still unpacking her house. Thank you, Cath, for letting us invade.
How much do you think these cousins slept? They all gave it their best shot.

Julia discovering the wonders of dress-up with Emma's stuff. We have a dress up box, too, but it has as much Ninja, Star Wars, crazy wigs, etc. as it has pretty pink stuff. She was in heaven as is evident by her facial expression.

Miles really acts the part of the beloved, worshipped, older cousin well. In fact, I don't think he minds it at all that he's got 7 younger boy cousins who follow his every move. Here's a picture with Tate.

We made it up to Salt Lake Temple Square to see the lights. They are even more spectacular than I remember. I think the last time I went was on the day after Thanksgiving my freshman year at BYU when Becky Pulley's family so graciously hosted us. We had fun then in the crowd, but now we have a crowd of our own.

Don and his boys were able to meet up with us. It was snowing and cold, but it just added to the magic of the beautiful lights.

Enjoying the snow in the Grames' backyard.

We also got to go up to Kaysville and enjoy celebrating Jacob and Jared's 11th birthday. Brandon was there, too. He's getting sooo old. I think he's 13 now. Crazy.

It was a great holiday season. Now we're gearing up for a visit from the Grames and Grandma and Grandpa Call for Presidents' Day Weekend. More fun