Thursday, June 24, 2010

How much do I love Miles?

Okay, so let's be honest.  Who am I kidding?  When am I not honest?  We've been barely surviving summer.  It cracks me up to read all these glowing reports of other mothers' blissful summers.  My coping mechanism for this summer:  lock myself in my room with my precious, infant son.  It's actually been working quite nicely...

So, after a morning of trying to beat back the clutter, I rewarded the kids with a trip to Goodberry's Frozen Yogurt.  (Yum!)  It had been a long cranky morning for this mommy, so when "Respect" came on the radio, I took the opportunity to sort of sing out my crankiness (read: I was really belting it out.).  Miles looks at me after the song is over and in all honesty asks, "Mom, why aren't you a famous singer?"  I replied, "Because I decided to have six kids instead."  Warm heart, lots of love for that boy.  It was a cute moment.  And, of course, even through all the madness that is summer in our house, there isn't anything in the world I'd rather be doing than being cranky and bored with these six monkeys all summer long.

We go to my parents' house on Saturday, so let the fun begin.  Grandpa's house + cousins = heaven for my kids.  They absolutely can't wait to get out there.  Six cousins are already out there, and it's killing my kids to know that the party has somewhat started without them.

Lindsay's been at Girls' Camp this week.  I hope she's having fun.  She has some very conscientious leaders, so I'm confident she's having the time of her little life.  I have such huge expectations for Girls' Camp after the Girls' Camp that I was privileged to go to growing up:  LADASA at Camp Lehi in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  It was amazing.

Well, here are some pictures:

My annual attempt at a Father's Day gift which I miraculously got out to the grandfathers on time this year, but that's a story for another post:

My angel baby:  Calvin Call Owens (and yes, he's lying on a pink blanket.  I went so overboard buying little extras for Julia that I just can't justify buying more for Calvin.  The blanket in just as soft whether it's pink or blue, right?)